Family Medicine

Your family deserves the most quality medical care available. At Primary Care of Eureka in Eureka, Mo, we are highly qualified to treat all members of your family. For infants and children to teens and seniors, our office is open to patients of all ages. We provide the day-to-day health care services that you can count on.

Additionally, our practitioner can also help you determine when you need a specialty provider. Overall, our team focuses our efforts on maintaining outstanding levels of patient satisfaction at all times.

Patient-Focused Treatment

At Primary Care of Eureka, we make it a priority to not only treat the disease at hand but also you, the patient. We want to help you start feeling better while treating your medical issue. Our team is compassionate and attentive, as we want to make you feel comfortable during your visit. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a smiling face, as we can’t wait to provide you with a quality clinical experience.  We hope to see you soon!

Maintaining Your Health

If you are interested in learning how to maintain your wellness, our medical staff is always here to offer you valuable information. We can give you tips and recommendations on reducing stress, eating well, limiting tobacco and alcohol use, sleeping better, staying active, and more.

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Getting into shape and bettering your nutritional intake doesn’t have to be a challenge. When you turn to Primary Care of Eureka, we can help you stay in good physical shape, and maintain a balanced diet. We can even assist you with creating a personalized exercise plan that you can do routinely.

Moreover, we are very supportive when it comes to your journey for better health. You’ll find that everyone on our staff is a great listener, and will offer words of encouragement to you throughout your progress.

Contact us today (636) 587-6350 to find out more information about our family medicine services.