Minor Injuries

At Primary Care of Eureka, we provide high-quality family medicine to patients of all ages. Our doctor focuses on providing insightful, compassionate, and on-time care for minor injuries.

Need Stitches, Tetanus Shot or Medical Care for a Sprain?

Cuts, sprains, strains, and fractures are often a common occurrence.  While these types of accidents happen frequently, it can be scary when they happen, especially during childhood.

At our office, we treat minor injuries, including:

  • Cuts. Minor cuts typically stop bleeding after just a few minutes. Wash the area thoroughly and apply a sterile bandage as soon as possible. However, more serious cuts can cause heavy bleeding and need to be immediately controlled. These types of cuts may have damaged nerves, blood vessels, or tendons.
  • Stitches. While minor scrapes and cuts often heal on their own, serious cuts may require stitches to hold tissues together while they heal. We can provide you or your child with stitches or sutures to properly close a wound.
  • Strains or Sprains. The pulling or tearing of a ligament or muscle is called a strain or sprain. Symptoms of these types of injuries include swelling, pain, bruising, or even joint instability. Since it’s hard to distinguish a severe sprain from a broken or fractured bone, you should seek professional care. We treat sprains and strains with appointments at our office.
  • Tetanus Shots. Tetanus is caused by bacteria in animal feces, contaminated soil, and other areas. This bacteria produces a toxin that affects the nerves and may cause intense muscle spasms in the abdomen, neck, and limbs. Knowing when to get a tetanus shot is very important.

To learn more about our treatment of minor injuries in the Eureka, Missouri area contact us at (636) 587-6350 today!